Thursday, October 22, 2009

Strong Enough for a Man but Made for a Woman

We have written about Rep. Ray Barnes (R-LD7) and his Campaign Committee shenanigans before, and apparently he now believes he was in error. On October 20th he filed papers for an Exploratory Committee. It's got a different ID number, different treasurer and even has a coma between the word "Exploratory" and the phrase "Ray Barnes for Senate." That's totally different, see, no one is going to wonder why he would run for election and then eight months later decide to "explore" for the office for which he's been running. He's got things straight in his head.

Example: The Yellow Sheet (subscription required) shares that Rep. Barnes, while praising fellow premature-electorator Sen. John Huppenthal, took it upon himself to distinguish Huppenthal from other people, women particularly. Barnes sees Huppenthal as "logical" which he finds as a praiseworthy quality, while disliking parts of our politics that have become "emotional." Just what has become too "emotional" in our politics? Women, he said, are too emotional and not enough like men. I'm sure it was quite a punch in the gut for Barnes to be asked to clarify
his comments about women in politics. That's when he coughed up this
little jewel:

I don’t think it’s sexist. I married a woman because she’s a woman, not a man.

One would think that a "tell-it-like-it-is" moment like that might leave Barnes hanging out there on his own, but no, Constantine Querard (CQ) came to the rescue on a Facebook thread by writing,

“Anyone who has been successfully married that long must have figured out a few things!”

We all know how little Constantine's campaign work has been built on "emotion." Hell, Constantine only agreed with Barnes because of his own Vulcan-like logical mind as displayed here on his twitter account:

WNBA Finals crowd: Testosterone? Lots. Men in the crowd? Not so many!

These guys know what they like in a woman! Mainly, that they ARE women because, you know, those women who aren't women ARE DEFINITELY NOT what they are looking for in a woman. It's a choice, you know, the amount of womanly attributes one must find in a mate so one can show the world the person one chose is a woman!

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Donna said...

Calling Huppenthal a "premature electorator" is made of win!

Well played, sir.