Monday, July 27, 2009

More Batshit Craziness from the "Values Party"

On the occasion of Sarah Palin's actual resignation some dear Republicans provide context to one of the more bizarre events of contemporary American politics:

This poster (possibly from AZ) believes John McCain carried his "home" state solely because of Sarah Palin.

  1. Realist Says:

    Palin throws the liberal media in a tail spin every time she speaks.
    Not surprisingly, the RINO’s also have a fit for she is not an
    establisnment Republican and they detest her social values. Had it not
    been for Palin, I dare say McCain would not have carried a single state
    in last fall’s election
    (emphasis mine). Sarah Palin will be a force to reckon with for
    years to come. God speed to her in her travels around this country.

Apparently Calypso believes McCain is a talented ventriloquist as long as his trousers don't muffle his "voice."

  1. Calypso Says:

    Realist. Palin saved McCain from total devastation. He was the wrong
    man at the wrong time and did more to damage the Republican ticket than
    anyone out there. The majority of Republicans I know finally decided to
    vote because of Sarah Palin. She energized the electorate in a way the
    aging and nasty McCain never was able to do. It showed the total
    disconnect he has with his own party when his “fat-assed” (her words,
    not mine) blasted Palin after the election.
    (again, my emphasis)

And this mental giant thinks citizens from Alaska can run for a Nevada Senate seat.

  1. sherriaz Says:

    I am a big fan of Sarah’s, I don’t see her as the answer to ending
    BHO’s “reign” in 2012. I think that will fall to someone else. I’d like
    to see her in the Senate, replacing that idiot Harry Reid. I think she
    could be a real force for change in the Congress and energize the
    Republican Party.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ye Shall Know Them by Their Crazy S*%t Writings

A usually dense writer featured at Sonoran Alliance and other extremist web sites morphed from dense to crazy this week on the topic of the young American soldier who went missing late last month and had video taken by the Taliban released recently.

Ms. Gayle Plato, M. Ed., in the guise of an open letter to President Obama, pealed off a few bon mots:

I will get right to my point. Sir, your decisions astound me. I am in
awe of you. I am in awe of your abject cruelty and disregard for our
people. Every day I see examples of your flippant attitude, and wimpy
reactions to strife.

and more,

Our families are going broke, while you push more taxes. Legislation is
being pushed through without ANY light of day, no debate, and total
secrecy. Where is the transparency sir? I am amazed by your

and yet more,

You are heartless to blatantly party when our men and women in uniform are being held hostage.


But this boy who’s more a man than you, he’s just trying to get home.

ending with,

Mr. President, if you cannot take lead, you must resign. Otherwise, I
can promise you Mr. President, every one us us that’s a mom or dad,
that’s watching you dance, we will remember this horror come election
day. Waffling cowards are not fit to lead the greatest nation on earth.

Ms. Plato publishes under the moniker "Rightwoman." But she can't seem to get right basic facts of the timeline. Commentators take her to task for those errors she never acknowledges. One of the commentators in support of her screed was the owner of the blog, Mr. Shane Wikfors. He calls out "the libs" and then states the soldiers death, if it occurs, would be because of political philosophy!

Shane Wikfors is the Executive Director of Arizona Right to Life so we know how he balances opinion with facts.

Brewer looking to work with Democrats

Unable to get the votes from her own party, Gov. Jan Brewer said Tuesday she's willing to accept demands by Democrats to let the state property tax return in exchange for their votes to put her sales tax hike on the ballot.

I don't see AZ House Democrats rounding up enough votes to pass the Brewer Sales Tax proposal. If the Governor can find the time in her busy schedule to review the Democrat's proposal they may have the start to negotiations. Is it possible that Governor Brewer will have to pull a 'Janet Napolitano' just to get a budget?

Brewer's desire to make a deal with whoever is willing to work with her doesn't stop with the idea of restoring the state property tax. The governor said Tuesday she's even willing to consider an alternate Democratic plan that would raise the extra funds not by raising the tax rate but by instead expanding the list of products and services subject to the tax.

"If they could show me that that would be a benefit to raise the kind of revenue that we need, and that it would be easily understood how it would be incorporated, I'm willing to discuss it,'' she said. "I'm willing to discuss any option to save the future of Arizona.''

full story from the East Valley Tribune

"Just Tax" - HQ Music Video - Lady Gaga Parody

Very little Lady Gaga but a whole lotta Gary Numan and Miami Vice. Is this why Republicans are so wistful for the days of Reagan?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Former GOP Congressmen Accuse Republicans Of Putting Party Above Constitution

Former Reps. Mickey Edwards (R-Okla.) and Chris Shays (R-Conn.) made the argument that if the Republican-controlled Congress had exhibited greater oversight during former President George W. Bush's time in office, they could have prevented some of the most calamitous results of that administration and even saved thousands of lives.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Kenny sez: "I miss the old fashioned beer sotted tea dance. Guess I'll have to find a Republican Senator.

David Brooks: A Republican senator put 'his hand on my inner thigh' for a 'whole' dinner party

full story here:

They’re guaranteed to invade your personal space, touch you. I sat next to a Republican senator once at dinner and he had his hand on my inner thigh the whole time. I was like, ehh, get me out of here.

Poem for the Rooftops of Iran: "Listen Closely" - June 20 2009 (embedded subtitles)

The revolution has poets.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mommy Time

-NSFW- but if you do, "not my problem!"

Julie Klausner and Jackie Clarke arrange a playdate for their "daughters," Bethany and Carol, in the hopes of getting some "Mommy Time."

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tammy Bruce at the Tucson Tea Party, July 4, 2009, Part 2

Tammy's Tucson rant seems more polished than the Palin implosion but it is stuffed with a whole lot more lies. Tammy hints at guillotines but settles for humiliation as a political goal. Hint: Tammy, humiliation was already achieved, that's why your crew was fired.

Wingnuts Need it Both Ways

Two of the leading lights of right-wing punditry here in Arizona line up against Attorney-General Terry Goddard and for Senator Russell Pearce using the same blunt instrument, law enforcement unions!

In this post from Sonoran Alliance the argument implied and then flat-out spread-out in the comments section is that AG Goddard depends on the opinion of Police union leadership, not rank-and-file officers to back up a position on a concealed weapons law.

Here in the ever enlightened Seeing Red AZ Senator Russell Pearce is backed by Police union leadership in his all important pursuit of brown people as the curse of our state.

So, what's my point? Simply this, wingnuts need an echo (with apologies to Ms. Phylis Schlafly) to feel comforted during their outbursts of, well, nuttiness. When one blip contradicts another twit on the righty radar it should be pointed out. Sonoran Alliance (almost entirely written by anonymous patriots) allows comentors to post in response, Seeing Red AZ has moderated comments limited to cheerleaders and syncophants.

Catastrophe - How Shariah Law Has Taken Over The West

Dick Morris lectures us on the morality of others and then shills for $$$. The gentleman Dick favors is Frank Gaffney, currently the leading light of the effort to keep lgbt folks from serving openly in our military.

BTW: Dick lost his position in the Clinton WH when it was discovered he was working remotely and taking sensitive calls in the presence of his whore.

Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen (R) says Earth is 6,000 years old.

We featured this video last week on facebook after dutifully "borrowing" from Arizona Guardian. Looks like it is north of 40,000 hits on YouTube. What say we push it over 100,000 before the end of July?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Coin of the Realm

Taken at face value...sorry, it's hard to imagine a similar image being used today. Not sure if this coin was produced by a civic or government entity. This image is of gay sex and it is on a coin.