Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love

When One Has Seventeen Loyal Readers, One Must Be Customer Oriented

It has been pointed out that I failed to provided a link to the piece I wrote about Greg Patterson on Monday. Here 'tis!

The Closest Thing to an Espresso Retraction We'll Ever See

Greg Patterson seems to have corrected himself with a post today. Yesterday I showed you his posting that claimed President Obama himself apologized to China for Arizona's SB 1070, the fruit of Senator Russell Pearce's racist agenda.

Opportunist Greg here:

Obama Apologizes to China for Arizona...

Fact checked Patterson here:

China Syndrome

When someone is willing to write anything to make a political and personal attack, he will write absolutely anything indeed. The real question is this, when an actual elected racist gets cover from an actual bigot, what is next from Messrs. Patterson and Pearce?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Espresso Hypocrite

I've pointed out before some "foibles" of Greg Patterson of Espresso Pundit. I showed how he's a bigot. I showed how even though he's the self-appointed pope of newspaper ethics, he is far from infallable. In fact, he fails by his own standards but can't bring himself to acknowledge those errors.

Now he just flat out lies.

No where in an article Mr. Patterson himself uses as an excuse to make a claim does it back his insane claim. No where.

Mr. Patterson, when will you have the standards you demand of others?