Friday, October 2, 2009

Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Almost a month ago I posted on this blog a comment originally published on Sonoran Alliance. I didn't write the words of that comment, but the name appearing with that comment caused me pause. Bruce Ash. It struck me as a vile little work certainly beneath Mr. Ash. Sadly, I may be mistaken.

When another post, this time at Ted Prezelski's Rum, Romanism and Rebellion received a comment from someone calling themselves Bruce Ash I thought I should seize the opportunity. I asked if that Mr. Ash was aware of some of the words attributed to the other Mr. Ash. Then I wrote something snarky, but seriously, by my standards it was mild. And I love my readers, all of you, but let's face it, we could all fit around just about any table available at Sam Levitz. So I went where the eyes are and....

....the Mr. Ash who responded on Tedski's blog really let me have it! Boy. Ouch.

He didn't, however, address any of my questions. Now, in the rough-and-tumble world of partisan politics one could, perhaps should, assume the non-response is a, "yes." In fact one of my favorite commentators, Eli_Blake, did just that and then shared what I found to be a sensible and heartfelt reason why Nazi and fascist comparisons shouldn't be tossed around casually by cheapens the suffering.

I remember my first visit to Drinking Liberally, when a left-wing nut job tossed out a, "he's a nazi" at some Republican like it was a sneeze. I winced, you would have, too. And then I spoke the first words I ever spoke at DL. I don't remember the actual words but I basically stated that those comparisons are out of line for anyone, the description is a term of art. My Grandfather did not spend all those years in North Africa and Europe fighting people with whom he had a political disagreement, so don't cheapen his sacrifice.

So, this whole "Nazi and/or fascist" attack on our President REALLY FUCKING PISSES ME OFF.

Back to the comment posted at Sonoran Alliance; it all began with a video of celebrities and such taking a pledge to help our newly elected President by taking personal responsibility for something said celebrity could control. Why am I explaining this? Roll tape:

Yeah, I don't know why she did that to her hair either. All of them. But back to the pledges. I don't see what the big deal is, yeah it's wordy, but most of these star type peoples get script approval so whatta ya gonna do? And it looks like Ashton was directing because it had that edgy 'Punk'd' feel to it, good luck with that. But that's all it is, some adults who get way too much attention for too little reason.

It seems to me, Mr. Ash, you were offended by a sense of fealty in the video. Me? Not so much, but I can see how someone else might. I mean, what if they tried to make children in school listen to President Obama talk about personal responsibility? That might make people really freak out! Yes, I'm still working on an ironic voice for my writing. Maybe you and I can agree on this video, you see it goes one step further by making small....oh, I forgot....roll tape!

Dude, seriously? We put up with that shit? Oh, now I remember. If we didn't put up with that...uh, stuff, we got called un-american and people tried to ruin other people's career (Dixie Chicks, Valerie Plame, a slew of US attorney's).

Back to you, Mr. Ash. You are a big deal. You are a member of the Republican National Committee! I know that because it says so on your blog, Ash for Arizona, just beneath your name emblazoned over an homage to our state flag. I know it's not a reproduction of our state flag because that would be tacky and it's stretched out so Senator Kyl's head can fit on your banner.

Anyway, YOU, Mr. Ash are a big deal. Here's a secret, I have always felt that those like you, who rise to responsibility within our political party's not only have ability but a sense of duty to our country. I mean why else would you donate almost $40,000 to Republicans in the last five years? It's your ability and patriotism that allowed you to rise to leadership within your party. And the $40,000 ish is really just for the years 2004-2008, but still! As a leader of your party you must sometimes deal with those who, although a part of your "coalition" you may not have much anything else in common but because you are a leader you appeal to the "better angels of their nature," or something like that.

That's what leaders do, and barring that, people who have websites that sound like campaign slogans can do that too!

You are right my friend, there are a bunch of angry folks out there who want their country back, but just between you and me, Mr. Ash, do you think they want you and me in it?
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Eli Blake said...

Kenny, I even took it a step farther on Ted's blog and stated what has to be said:

Anyone (i.e. Mr. Ash) who claims that nothing Hitler did was worse than Obama's health care plan is an anti-Semite and a holocaust denier. The place where he can live in a country whose official policy agrees with his view on the subject is Iran. Please enjoy your shared passion with President Ahmadinejad, Mr. Ash.