Tuesday, October 6, 2009


My new best friend in the world, Bruce Ash, while ignoring everything I wrote and asked him was still very kind to wish me a, "GREAT AMERICAN DAY!!" (exclamations and capitalization dripping with sarcasm his)

And although his tone towards me was that thought of me as a kibitzer, he did refer to me as "Kenala," which is sweet because it reminded me of a surrogate mother I had during a production of "Torch Song Trilogy" who called me "Kenala." It's like I'm his boychick. I'm sure he meant nothing by it, kine-ahora.

Good times, good food.

Well in honor of my friend Bruce Ash, the alter-cocker, here is a patriotic video just for you!

Bruce, in case you are a little fertummelt, the performer is a faygala!

Zie Ga Zink!

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