Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Arpaio luvs the Headlines, Until they Nail Him

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Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio had issues with a recent article in the Arizona Republic so he took the paper to task on his "Sheriff Fights Back" blog. Apparently he "fights back" against media accounts of his administration often, there's a special section called, "The Truth Behind the Headlines."

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is using money earmarked for fighting crime on vehicles for Sheriff Joe Arpaio, top commanders and select deputies to drive back and forth to work, recordsobtained by The Arizona Republic show.

The Sheriff's department responds to the article with a rhetorical version of "three card monty" that could qualify the department for metaphoric prosecution under the RICO statue mentioned in the Republic piece.

It is well known by observing Mr. Arpaio's  behavior that he suffers from a compulsion to seek attention and adoration.  Mr. Arpaio should resign from office and seek appropriate medical care before his already long life comes to and end. He's ruined the department, maybe he can redeem his life.

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