Thursday, July 29, 2010

A $1.2 Million Dollar Question Begs Almost 1.2 Million More Questions

I don't know if anyone else has written about this so I thought I'd contribute it to the conversation. It seems the Republican Governor's Association decided to drop some coin in Arizona. Under the entity RGA Arizona 2010 PAC (filer ID 201000467) Haley Barbour et. al. have decided to be a player in Arizona. The PAC already pumped $25,000.00 to the Arizona Republican  Party, well over a fourth of their income for the reporting period.

While I'm not shocked the RGA had designs on this race there are some observations that must be shared. Jan Brewer chose the politics of the "Clean Elections" label, along with the public moolah, knowing she would get a butt-load of cash from outside Arizona. What is peculiar is the timing. The RGA by moving the money into the state this early "tipped their hand." There are more questions as well, like how badly did AZGoP need the cash infusion? What did the RGA get for their $10,000 spend on the Colorado firm known as the "illuminati?"

The reason the last question comes to mind, besides why a political firm uses the name "illuminati," is that money was spent during a contested primary. Several candidates were active in the race at that time and the expenditure came not long after Buz Mills dropped some $2 million of his own into the race. Maybe some Republicans would like an answer to my questions as well?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

"MaryVale" and Other Racists

My post about Wercinski opponents was read by some in the Wercinski camp. Now all the comments to the Arizona Republic endorsement all include a disclaimer about not having a preferred candidate in the race. Yup. After being called out for her apparent racism I expected "MaryVale" to at least claim he/she isn't playing by Breibart rules. But he/she didn't:

I guess if you can characterize ten years in the Marine Corps, a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and a Law Degree as shallow, then the way one measures the rest of the world is off kilter too!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why Do Wercinski Supporters Behave So Badly?

This is a screen grab from a comment made by a supporter of Sam Wercinski. This person claims the Arizona Republic endorsed Rep. Chris Deschene for Secretary of State because he's a Native American. "MaryVale" is a bitter bigot. Shamefully, I came across other Democrats who still were captured by racism when I worked for the Obama campaign.

Here's my question; when will Sam Wercinski make it clear he does not share the same narrow-minded view of Rep. Deschene?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Would You Buy Real Estate from Gila Courier?

Gila Courier is one-man show. He uses several pseudonyms, but only one person writes the blog posts. Today (July 23, 2010) he decided to push his agenda Andrew Breitbart style, you know, without actual facts. He made shit up again!

Listening to Jon Justice this morning I heard him read an email from a listener relaying a story about the Elton John concert.

During the concert, Sir Elton didn’t mince words about those demanding that he boycott Arizona and cancel his concert as a protest of SB 1070.  We won’t repeat his exact words but he made it clear that he wouldn’t have missed playing Tucson for the world and curtly told the Boycott Arizona mafia that he did not agree with them.  According to the Justice listener, John’s comments were well received by the audience who gave him a roaring applause.

I thought, wow, this is kind of newsworthy so I went to the Arizona Daily Star to check out the concert review.

Emphasis mine.

Here's the rub. Elton John didn't call out the folks calling for the boycott. He swore about the musicians who would diss Arizona. One comment mentioned Elton's words:

16 hours ago
Elton also asked the crowd what was wrong with those who refused to play in Arizon; to which he answered:

"They are a bunch of F+(*wads"

Great show by a legend!
Report | Quote | -3 +35
Couldn't be clearer. The Gila Courier lied again. Here's my question, if you knew someone faked statistics, made up quotes, even published materials that didn't belong to him but could possibly ruin someone's reputation using that material (sound familiar?), would you close on a real estate deal with that person?