Friday, October 2, 2009

Not to put too Fine a Point on this, but...

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A relatively obnoxious blog posted photo copies of some alleged travel documents for one Charles Jensen. Mr. Jensen's name purportedly appeared on a list of clients for an escort service. Mr. Jensen claims he was out of town on the dates listed for "service" and believes a tenant of his may have been the actual "john." Obnoxious blog goes on to take a whack at Brett "vroom vroom" Mecum, Executive Director of the Arizona Republican Party and uses the opportunity to allege Mr. Mecum is not always a gentleman and sometimes a cad.

Good times.

When the other side is eating its' own my rule is to get out of the way but I have another rule that overrides in just such a case. My, "if a Republican uses the words 'CASE CLOSED' in capital letters there's probably more 'splaining to do, rule.

This is what I think; the documents supplied by Mr. Jensen (via that obnoxious blog) do not prove he was out of town on the days corresponding to the "Desert Divas" list. They prove his credit card was out-of-town but not necessarily Mr. Jensen. Mr. Jensen would do well to supply boarding passes that show he checked in for his flights or better, a copy of his frequent flier account statement that proves his non-prostitute needing body was on those flights and not, perhaps, "ordering in." One other question, do any of the "Desert Divas" records show the use of Pay-Pal for services rendered?

Just saying.

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