Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brock Landers too Radio-Active for RWNJ Host

Hugh Hewitt is coming to AZ to raise dollars for Dr. Gosar (go-czar), David "Mr. Potter pays fifty-cents-a-dollar" Schweikert and Jessssssssssssssssssseeeeee Kelly. Who's missing

Is this a signal the Republican Party is writing off Arizona's Third Congressional District? Where's the unity?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lesson in Really Bad Political Ads

If a campaign is going to spend major cash they should get a voice-over actor who doesn't sound like he does porn on the side. Dr. Gosar (go-czar) apparently feels his name recognition is fine in AZ-01 because he never tries to make a positive case for his own campaign. When you stack your ad with some many easily provable untruths and relate only, "I will never walk out on you," you are begging to be answered by your opponent. When the opponent is the incumbent and can outspend you, then all you've done is prove your campaign is badly mismanaged.

Bad ad, bad campaign, and we have no idea what the candidate is like. But on the ad alone I would not want this guys fingers in my mouth, would you?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A $1.2 Million Dollar Question Begs Almost 1.2 Million More Questions

I don't know if anyone else has written about this so I thought I'd contribute it to the conversation. It seems the Republican Governor's Association decided to drop some coin in Arizona. Under the entity RGA Arizona 2010 PAC (filer ID 201000467) Haley Barbour et. al. have decided to be a player in Arizona. The PAC already pumped $25,000.00 to the Arizona Republican  Party, well over a fourth of their income for the reporting period.

While I'm not shocked the RGA had designs on this race there are some observations that must be shared. Jan Brewer chose the politics of the "Clean Elections" label, along with the public moolah, knowing she would get a butt-load of cash from outside Arizona. What is peculiar is the timing. The RGA by moving the money into the state this early "tipped their hand." There are more questions as well, like how badly did AZGoP need the cash infusion? What did the RGA get for their $10,000 spend on the Colorado firm known as the "illuminati?"

The reason the last question comes to mind, besides why a political firm uses the name "illuminati," is that money was spent during a contested primary. Several candidates were active in the race at that time and the expenditure came not long after Buz Mills dropped some $2 million of his own into the race. Maybe some Republicans would like an answer to my questions as well?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

"MaryVale" and Other Racists

My post about Wercinski opponents was read by some in the Wercinski camp. Now all the comments to the Arizona Republic endorsement all include a disclaimer about not having a preferred candidate in the race. Yup. After being called out for her apparent racism I expected "MaryVale" to at least claim he/she isn't playing by Breibart rules. But he/she didn't:

I guess if you can characterize ten years in the Marine Corps, a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and a Law Degree as shallow, then the way one measures the rest of the world is off kilter too!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why Do Wercinski Supporters Behave So Badly?

This is a screen grab from a comment made by a supporter of Sam Wercinski. This person claims the Arizona Republic endorsed Rep. Chris Deschene for Secretary of State because he's a Native American. "MaryVale" is a bitter bigot. Shamefully, I came across other Democrats who still were captured by racism when I worked for the Obama campaign.

Here's my question; when will Sam Wercinski make it clear he does not share the same narrow-minded view of Rep. Deschene?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Would You Buy Real Estate from Gila Courier?

Gila Courier is one-man show. He uses several pseudonyms, but only one person writes the blog posts. Today (July 23, 2010) he decided to push his agenda Andrew Breitbart style, you know, without actual facts. He made shit up again!

Listening to Jon Justice this morning I heard him read an email from a listener relaying a story about the Elton John concert.

During the concert, Sir Elton didn’t mince words about those demanding that he boycott Arizona and cancel his concert as a protest of SB 1070.  We won’t repeat his exact words but he made it clear that he wouldn’t have missed playing Tucson for the world and curtly told the Boycott Arizona mafia that he did not agree with them.  According to the Justice listener, John’s comments were well received by the audience who gave him a roaring applause.

I thought, wow, this is kind of newsworthy so I went to the Arizona Daily Star to check out the concert review.

Emphasis mine.

Here's the rub. Elton John didn't call out the folks calling for the boycott. He swore about the musicians who would diss Arizona. One comment mentioned Elton's words:

16 hours ago
Elton also asked the crowd what was wrong with those who refused to play in Arizon; to which he answered:

"They are a bunch of F+(*wads"

Great show by a legend!
Report | Quote | -3 +35
Couldn't be clearer. The Gila Courier lied again. Here's my question, if you knew someone faked statistics, made up quotes, even published materials that didn't belong to him but could possibly ruin someone's reputation using that material (sound familiar?), would you close on a real estate deal with that person?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love

When One Has Seventeen Loyal Readers, One Must Be Customer Oriented

It has been pointed out that I failed to provided a link to the piece I wrote about Greg Patterson on Monday. Here 'tis!

The Closest Thing to an Espresso Retraction We'll Ever See

Greg Patterson seems to have corrected himself with a post today. Yesterday I showed you his posting that claimed President Obama himself apologized to China for Arizona's SB 1070, the fruit of Senator Russell Pearce's racist agenda.

Opportunist Greg here:

Obama Apologizes to China for Arizona...

Fact checked Patterson here:

China Syndrome

When someone is willing to write anything to make a political and personal attack, he will write absolutely anything indeed. The real question is this, when an actual elected racist gets cover from an actual bigot, what is next from Messrs. Patterson and Pearce?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Espresso Hypocrite

I've pointed out before some "foibles" of Greg Patterson of Espresso Pundit. I showed how he's a bigot. I showed how even though he's the self-appointed pope of newspaper ethics, he is far from infallable. In fact, he fails by his own standards but can't bring himself to acknowledge those errors.

Now he just flat out lies.

No where in an article Mr. Patterson himself uses as an excuse to make a claim does it back his insane claim. No where.

Mr. Patterson, when will you have the standards you demand of others?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Jonathan Paton takes a page from the Karl Rove Cheatbook

It seems Jonathan Paton isn't just picking the pockets of Karl Rove, he is also picking Bush's brain. When a person asked on Paton's Facebook page if Rep. Giffords was supporting a move by Rep. Grijalva to strategically boycott Republican business interests in Arizona, Paton lied:

Vote Jonathan Paton
Her spokeswoman told the Yellow Sheet Report that she didn't have time to say...
about an hour ago
 Here's the screencapture:

Rep. Gifford's stand on a potential boycott has been well known since yesterday. The only explanation for Paton's deliberately misleading someone is that he is bought and paid for by the Bush/Rove machine. Jonathan Paton, with candidates like this, who needs felons?

For Matt & Trey

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Not Ready for Primetime Players, Paton Pending

Friday, April 2 found the four contenders for the Tea Bagger Republican nomination to oppose Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-8) on Arizona Illustrated, the local "socialized media" outlet of television.

Jonathan Paton, one of the 'Rightastic Four', seems to have acquired a convenient case of amnesia on war strategy and history, his supposed strong points. When asked by host Bill Buckmaster about our effort in Afghanistan, Paton blundered.

[starting at 18:52] JONATHAN PATON: "You can say what you want about the past President (Bush, apparently). He at least listened to the Generals that he talked to. The current President has not listened to what the General wanted."

I guess that's true. Bush listened to his Generals except for General Anthony Zinni. Oh and then there was General Eric Shinseki. But other than those very public examples Paton is good at horseshoes.

Let's be clear because Mr. Paton will not; on Friday evening Jonathan Paton endorsed  an open-ended commitment to the notoriously corrupt government of President Hamid Karzai. Additionally, Mr. Paton shamelessly pandered to the so-called tea party movements when he questioned the prerogative of President Barack Obama as Commander-in-Chief to set our nation's foreign policy during a time of war.

Mr. Paton's pander routine would be the most shameful in Arizona if it weren't for Sen. John McCain's self-immolation. Coincidentally, Mr. Paton has endorsed McCain for re-election against tea party favorite, JD Hayworth.

Maybe it's time for Paton to step out of McCain's shadow of desperation. May I suggest addressing the question "Do you support the effort to repeal the military policy known as Don't ask, don't tell?" I believe it should be debated in the Republican primary and I think Mr. Paton's Director of Communications, Daniel Scarpinato should write up Mr. Paton's debate notes. After all, having a Communication's Director who works the closet door like a Geisha works a fan might be the only way Paton can show McCain just how 'Mavericky' he really is.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Post About the Blogger Who Used the Word "Vitriol"

...without knowing what the word "vitriol" means.

Seeing Red AZ is one of the more hilarious blog nut jobs in Arizona although I'm sure it's unintentional. Even the blog name makes me chuckle.

But when your indignation is corrupted by your ignorance, well that's just precious!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

BREAKING: Jesse Kelly Signs Pledge from Out of State Lobbyists

Jesse Kelly, a Republican candidate for his party's nomination in Arizona's Eighth Congressional district, is the first of the candidates in that race to sign the Club for Growth "Repeal It" pledge.

See what Jesse Kelly would repeal for the citizens of AZ-8 here.

Jonathan Paton, you are on the clock.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Feed Readers Share the Darndest Things

Greg Patterson of Arizona's Own Espresso Pundit fancies himself as some kind of leader of a 'reformation' of American Journalism. Never mind he seems incapable of living up to his own standards, holier-than-thou types rarely do; but when one catches him in a faut-pas it becomes that much more enjoyable.

Take this example:

See? That's a picture of openly gay State Sen. Ken Cheuvront just beneath the word "blows." Hilarious!!! Did I just hear the bell for seventh grade chemistry? And what's even more fun, someone else posted the vid with the caption, but Greg is the one who thinks it is funny.

Here's the another thing, you won't find this post on Greg's blog. What you are seeing is a screen capture from my RSS feed reader. It was posted at some point, my Google Reader picked it up and I read it. But when I went to Patterson's blog, no fag joke! If Greg had published "old school" on dead trees and stuff, he would need to subsequently retract his juvenile joke. It's as if he didn't have the "guts" to run the picture, but then he did and then he didn't.

Instead he got busted by someone else. FML, eh Greg?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Music for the Masses

h/t Donna at

Last year's CPAC featured lots of patriotic conservatives making stage entrances to alleged pedophile R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly."

Today the McCain Campaign is teasing the crowd with "A Well Respected Man" from the Kinks just prior to a joint appearance with a leather-clad Sarah Palin.

Cause he gets up in the morning,

And he goes to work at nine,

And he comes back home at five-thirty,

Gets the same train every time.

cause his world is built round punctuality,

It never fails.

And hes oh, so good,

And hes oh, so fine,

And hes oh, so healthy,

In his body and his mind.

Hes a well respected man about town,

Doing the best things so conservatively.

And his mother goes to meetings,

While his father pulls the maid,

And she stirs the tea with councilors,

While discussing foreign trade,

And she passes looks, as well as bills

At every suave young man

Cause hes oh, so good,

And hes oh, so fine,

And hes oh, so healthy,

In his body and his mind.

Hes a well respected man about town,

Doing the best things so conservatively.

And he likes his own backyard,

And he likes his fags the best,

cause hes better than the rest,

And his own sweat smells the best,

And he hopes to grab his fathers loot,

When pater passes on.

Cause hes oh, so good,

And hes oh, so fine,

And hes oh, so healthy,

In his body and his mind.

Hes a well respected man about town,

Doing the best things so conservatively.

And he plays at stocks and shares,

And he goes to the regatta,

And he adores the girl next door,

cause hes dying to get at her,

But his mother knows the best about

The matrimonial stakes.

Cause hes oh, so good,

And hes oh, so fine,

And hes oh, so healthy,

In his body and his mind.

Hes a well respected man about town,

Doing the best things so conservatively.

Maybe someone has read the rumors contained in "Game Change."
Maybe Mark Halperin will stop referring to the event as occurring in "Puma County."  *error corrected at

Weak Tea, part 1

"We're from the Arizona legislature that just reduced your state government by twenty-two percent. Effectively negating the effect [sic] Janet Napolitano had on our budget." - Rep. Vic Williams (R-26) bragging for himself and Sen. Al Melvin (R-26) at the Tucson Tea Party Town Hall, 03/25/2010.

Sen. Melvin on March 16 voted against cutting his Senate salary by five percent

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gumbo with a Heap of Irony

The Pima County Young Republicans are having a "New Orleans Style Fundraiser."


Seating is limited, so bring your own rooftop for emergency seating. Potable water will be made available, eventually.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Where A Conservative Blog Makes a Claim They Cannot Back With Facts

SeeingRedAZ is blog. That means someone or a group of someones use electronic means to comment and then use digital means to distribute those opinions.

Like much of the Far Right, this blog is done anonymously. It is often an echo chamber, wherein the poster makes some far-fetched comment or in-artfully declares what "conservatism" really is or how un-American a political opponent must be and the commenters try to out-do each other in agreement and/or escalation.

In a lexicon they would understand, SeeingRedAZ is comprised of fucktards.

Now these sooooper geeeeeniuses have made this claim, "The soaring national debt is projected to be 90 percent of the economy by 2020." (italics theirs)

So, where is the source for this assertion? Who came up with this huge threat to our nation?

Don't ask SeeingRedAZ, they won't tell you.

What is Jonathan Paton Hiding?

Here is a Boston Globe article by Matt Viser. He wrote up a story about the enthusiasm whipped up by Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts. At a JD Hayworth rally, Jonathan Paton spoke of the victory by the pro-choice, pro-marriage equality Republican Senator as a model for his campaign.

Like any good politician, he made sure the article was put on his campaign website, after all, the Globe is a big timey publication of the east coast elite. His website article is here.

Here's the rub; Paton scrubbed out the reference to JD Hayworth, hmmmm....

Friday, February 26, 2010

The People's Front

When I come across another of the numerous "Tea Party" groups declaring their relative purity in comparison to the other "Tea Party" groups, I think of this scene from Monty Python's "Life of Brian."

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Because It's as Plain as the Nose on His Face

Because rasism is wrong.

Because Democrats have been relentless (and rightfully so) in calling
out rasists in the Republican party.

Because pieces of the Republican party animate themselves with racism
(eyes on tea baggers).

Because we are about to begin debate on what our nation is to do about
immigration and the millions who entered this country illegally.

Because this is a clear instance when principle should triumph over power.

Senator Harry Reid must resign as Majority-leader immediately.

Sent from my mobile device

Ken Jacobs

"The strongest democracies flourish from frequent and lively debate,
but they endure when people of every background and belief find a way
to set aside smaller differences in service of a greater purpose."


Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Lie Year

My favorite fake patriot at Gila Courier pulled another doozy over the holidays. In the comments of a piece ostensibly about Rio Nuevo, 'Ryan' got backed into a rhetorical corner on the definition of Transaction Privilege Tax as it pertains to a Tax Increment Finance district. Instead of saying something like, "my bad," or "I see your point," 'Ryan went to his/her/their old standby. It lied.

'Ryan,' when you place your answer in quotation marks it is customary to include the entire sentence or an ellipsis to indicate more text remains. Simply ending a quote at the point where you get the answer you need and ignoring the fact the entire sentence actually proves YOU are wrong only clears up one issue. You are an asshat.

Note to Humberto Lopez: keep your lawyers close at hand, the crooked crowd at Gila Courier will do anything to get their way, especially with your money.

The Republican 'Death Tax'

Image via Wikipedia
I had a strangely emotional reaction to this story from the Arizona Republic. Here's the short version; woman loves Arizona parks, woman dies, woman leaves $250,000 to said parks, Republicans spit on her remains.

The legislature goes back into session on January 11. On that day, various Republicans will decry taxation of all forms. When will somebody show Arizona voters how much fees and taxes at all levels of Arizona governance have gone up due the decisions of the Republican-controlled legislature?

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