Saturday, March 6, 2010

Where A Conservative Blog Makes a Claim They Cannot Back With Facts

SeeingRedAZ is blog. That means someone or a group of someones use electronic means to comment and then use digital means to distribute those opinions.

Like much of the Far Right, this blog is done anonymously. It is often an echo chamber, wherein the poster makes some far-fetched comment or in-artfully declares what "conservatism" really is or how un-American a political opponent must be and the commenters try to out-do each other in agreement and/or escalation.

In a lexicon they would understand, SeeingRedAZ is comprised of fucktards.

Now these sooooper geeeeeniuses have made this claim, "The soaring national debt is projected to be 90 percent of the economy by 2020." (italics theirs)

So, where is the source for this assertion? Who came up with this huge threat to our nation?

Don't ask SeeingRedAZ, they won't tell you.

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