Thursday, September 10, 2009

Which is More Pathetic? The "Author" or the Post?

A coward ironically named "Veritas Vincit" (truth conquers) puked out some racism this past week. Last Tuesday's ditty was pointed at President Barack Obama's address to school children. Remember? The speech that turned all who watched into godless, commie, fascist, natzi, maoist, chavezista zombies? BTW, the comments on his post are hilarious!

Well, he/she/it means nothing. I just point this out because Shane Wikfors is VV's digital sponsor. Because VV has pushed out so much trash through Shane's portal and because Shane is/was the astro-turf organizer for much of Arizona's shenanigans this summer, I just thought one should point out they have so much in common. That is what I will be doing next.

After all, the people have a right to know AND be heard, right?

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