Monday, September 7, 2009

Someone claiming to be Bruce Ash wrote this at Sonoran Alliance:

Bruce Ash Says:

How ’bout we return to message here for a moment……….

The topic here is NOT Governor Brewer. The issue is freedom and liberty and the attacks to the foundations of our country which Obama and this dangerous “pledge” represents .

Obama’s pledge is a throwback to Joseph Goebbels and Stalin’s guy Mehkil. I said this before the election when I read about people “fainting” at his rallies and watched little kids chanting OBAMA songs like Hitler Youth as their proud parents watched on admiringly.

This man is more about creating the “culture of Obama” than he is about defending and protecting the US Constitution. The symbolism , the art, the writings, comparisons to deity, people referring to him as Barack. All right out of the Hitler,Stalin,Kim Jong Il, Saul Allinsky playbook.

This is America.Not Nazi Germany. We don’t pledge our allegiance to ANY leader. We are citizens of a great republic and not “citizens of the world.” We take a pledge of allegiance to a concept of freedom , to liberty, to support the US Constitution and our American values which are a damn site better than the supposed values of this slick Chicago political thug who has packaged himself to become president ( for a while ) .

Americans were duped by Obama. He took advantage of their fears. Promised them something but took so much else away from them. Any politician can promise to put a few bucks in your pocket. But no one should be fooled about the price to be paid by such sleight of hand.

This president is a dangerous man and the people who surround him are hungry for power . Good people from across our land are telling him they do not agree with the direction our country is going. Oor voice is louder than any microphone Obama controls. We need to keep our message strong.

American is in a fight to regain it’s political balance. We must stay focused. We must continue to speak up and not allow the lies which the Obama crowd play fast and free with to drown out the truth.

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