Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Teabaggerz read minds

The post below was about a big time blog that can't be bothered with facts, a local blog that will write anything to hit Rep. Giffords and a bunch of twits who will RT (retweet) anything, fact-based or not. One of those twitterers got back to me:

@kennyjacobs Yes, blog did say debates wr nuts; however, I stuck w/ rt b/c only the attendees could make them that way in her mind #tucson

I sent this gentleman a direct message, he chose to "spread the word." What we have here is a person who claims to read minds, doesn't care if Gabby actually said something she was quoted as saying AND wants to make sure lots of people know he did this. So, who is really concerned about lies and the folks who repeat those lies?

This is a succinct explanation of the Tea Baggerz movement.

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