Monday, September 21, 2009

Real Clear it's Politics

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Gabrielle Giffords is kinda a big deal. She's a successful Democratic Congresswoman in a red district. She is so successful, in fact, that it's unlikely anyone of consequence will mount a challenge to her in the foreseeable future. None have announced as of now.

While Congress is in session there are often fundraisers back east, and Rep. Giffords was toasted by some good folks back in Delaware including Vice-President Biden. See? She is a big deal! When the VP shows up so do the press. One of the outlets at this event is the opinion blog from right-of-center, Real Clear Politics.

But something must have happened during the translation of the article in Real Clear Politics (RCP) to a Twitter on behalf of the Southern Arizona blog Gila Courier. Gila Courier made it sound like Gabby said something she wasn't quoted as saying. Shocking, right?

Here's the deal, in RCP Gabby is quoted describing the August of Crazy Town Hall fiascoes in Southern Arizona as being "nuts."

Here's the RCP quote:

Giffords referred to the town hall debates of August in her district as "totally nuts."

Here's how it appeared in the Gila Courier's tweet:

At her fundraiser hosted by VP Joe Biden, Giffords says voters "totally nuts."
Mon 21 Sep 20:13 via web

See what they did there? How cute! Gila Courier implied that Giffords thinks the voters are crazy except she didn't say that. How did "Southern Arizona's Leading Conservative Blog" get that so wrong? Could it be that a leading teabagger outfit is so desperate to lay something on Gabby that they made up a quote? Maybe it's simply not being able to read with comprehension? What about all the Twitter teabaggerz who simply RT (retweet) without bothering to read the RCP article in question? It's like they don't care if what they repeat is accurate or not, just so it adds up to what they want to be true. Gosh.

And about that piece in RCP; Rep. Giffords is married to Mark Kelly. He's an astronaut, an active duty naval aviator. His last name is not Giffords as it states in your sorry-ass effort, you big-timey bloggy outfit. Who told you that Congresswoman Giffords' husbands last name is Giffords? Who edited your article? Is there anything is this attempted hit-and-run that is accurate? Ace reporting there, you guys back east are AWESOME!

For those who find this post incredible here are the screen shots:

RCP (with

and the shot of the Gila twot

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