Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ye Shall Know Them by Their Crazy S*%t Writings

A usually dense writer featured at Sonoran Alliance and other extremist web sites morphed from dense to crazy this week on the topic of the young American soldier who went missing late last month and had video taken by the Taliban released recently.

Ms. Gayle Plato, M. Ed., in the guise of an open letter to President Obama, pealed off a few bon mots:

I will get right to my point. Sir, your decisions astound me. I am in
awe of you. I am in awe of your abject cruelty and disregard for our
people. Every day I see examples of your flippant attitude, and wimpy
reactions to strife.

and more,

Our families are going broke, while you push more taxes. Legislation is
being pushed through without ANY light of day, no debate, and total
secrecy. Where is the transparency sir? I am amazed by your

and yet more,

You are heartless to blatantly party when our men and women in uniform are being held hostage.


But this boy who’s more a man than you, he’s just trying to get home.

ending with,

Mr. President, if you cannot take lead, you must resign. Otherwise, I
can promise you Mr. President, every one us us that’s a mom or dad,
that’s watching you dance, we will remember this horror come election
day. Waffling cowards are not fit to lead the greatest nation on earth.

Ms. Plato publishes under the moniker "Rightwoman." But she can't seem to get right basic facts of the timeline. Commentators take her to task for those errors she never acknowledges. One of the commentators in support of her screed was the owner of the blog, Mr. Shane Wikfors. He calls out "the libs" and then states the soldiers death, if it occurs, would be because of political philosophy!

Shane Wikfors is the Executive Director of Arizona Right to Life so we know how he balances opinion with facts.

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