Monday, July 27, 2009

More Batshit Craziness from the "Values Party"

On the occasion of Sarah Palin's actual resignation some dear Republicans provide context to one of the more bizarre events of contemporary American politics:

This poster (possibly from AZ) believes John McCain carried his "home" state solely because of Sarah Palin.

  1. Realist Says:

    Palin throws the liberal media in a tail spin every time she speaks.
    Not surprisingly, the RINO’s also have a fit for she is not an
    establisnment Republican and they detest her social values. Had it not
    been for Palin, I dare say McCain would not have carried a single state
    in last fall’s election
    (emphasis mine). Sarah Palin will be a force to reckon with for
    years to come. God speed to her in her travels around this country.

Apparently Calypso believes McCain is a talented ventriloquist as long as his trousers don't muffle his "voice."

  1. Calypso Says:

    Realist. Palin saved McCain from total devastation. He was the wrong
    man at the wrong time and did more to damage the Republican ticket than
    anyone out there. The majority of Republicans I know finally decided to
    vote because of Sarah Palin. She energized the electorate in a way the
    aging and nasty McCain never was able to do. It showed the total
    disconnect he has with his own party when his “fat-assed” (her words,
    not mine) blasted Palin after the election.
    (again, my emphasis)

And this mental giant thinks citizens from Alaska can run for a Nevada Senate seat.

  1. sherriaz Says:

    I am a big fan of Sarah’s, I don’t see her as the answer to ending
    BHO’s “reign” in 2012. I think that will fall to someone else. I’d like
    to see her in the Senate, replacing that idiot Harry Reid. I think she
    could be a real force for change in the Congress and energize the
    Republican Party.

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