Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wingnuts Need it Both Ways

Two of the leading lights of right-wing punditry here in Arizona line up against Attorney-General Terry Goddard and for Senator Russell Pearce using the same blunt instrument, law enforcement unions!

In this post from Sonoran Alliance the argument implied and then flat-out spread-out in the comments section is that AG Goddard depends on the opinion of Police union leadership, not rank-and-file officers to back up a position on a concealed weapons law.

Here in the ever enlightened Seeing Red AZ Senator Russell Pearce is backed by Police union leadership in his all important pursuit of brown people as the curse of our state.

So, what's my point? Simply this, wingnuts need an echo (with apologies to Ms. Phylis Schlafly) to feel comforted during their outbursts of, well, nuttiness. When one blip contradicts another twit on the righty radar it should be pointed out. Sonoran Alliance (almost entirely written by anonymous patriots) allows comentors to post in response, Seeing Red AZ has moderated comments limited to cheerleaders and syncophants.

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