Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brewer looking to work with Democrats

Unable to get the votes from her own party, Gov. Jan Brewer said Tuesday she's willing to accept demands by Democrats to let the state property tax return in exchange for their votes to put her sales tax hike on the ballot.

I don't see AZ House Democrats rounding up enough votes to pass the Brewer Sales Tax proposal. If the Governor can find the time in her busy schedule to review the Democrat's proposal they may have the start to negotiations. Is it possible that Governor Brewer will have to pull a 'Janet Napolitano' just to get a budget?

Brewer's desire to make a deal with whoever is willing to work with her doesn't stop with the idea of restoring the state property tax. The governor said Tuesday she's even willing to consider an alternate Democratic plan that would raise the extra funds not by raising the tax rate but by instead expanding the list of products and services subject to the tax.

"If they could show me that that would be a benefit to raise the kind of revenue that we need, and that it would be easily understood how it would be incorporated, I'm willing to discuss it,'' she said. "I'm willing to discuss any option to save the future of Arizona.''

full story from the East Valley Tribune

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Robert said...

Makes sense to me; let reason come forth.