Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Lie Year

My favorite fake patriot at Gila Courier pulled another doozy over the holidays. In the comments of a piece ostensibly about Rio Nuevo, 'Ryan' got backed into a rhetorical corner on the definition of Transaction Privilege Tax as it pertains to a Tax Increment Finance district. Instead of saying something like, "my bad," or "I see your point," 'Ryan went to his/her/their old standby. It lied.

'Ryan,' when you place your answer in quotation marks it is customary to include the entire sentence or an ellipsis to indicate more text remains. Simply ending a quote at the point where you get the answer you need and ignoring the fact the entire sentence actually proves YOU are wrong only clears up one issue. You are an asshat.

Note to Humberto Lopez: keep your lawyers close at hand, the crooked crowd at Gila Courier will do anything to get their way, especially with your money.

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