Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Feed Readers Share the Darndest Things

Greg Patterson of Arizona's Own Espresso Pundit fancies himself as some kind of leader of a 'reformation' of American Journalism. Never mind he seems incapable of living up to his own standards, holier-than-thou types rarely do; but when one catches him in a faut-pas it becomes that much more enjoyable.

Take this example:

See? That's a picture of openly gay State Sen. Ken Cheuvront just beneath the word "blows." Hilarious!!! Did I just hear the bell for seventh grade chemistry? And what's even more fun, someone else posted the vid with the caption, but Greg is the one who thinks it is funny.

Here's the another thing, you won't find this post on Greg's blog. What you are seeing is a screen capture from my RSS feed reader. It was posted at some point, my Google Reader picked it up and I read it. But when I went to Patterson's blog, no fag joke! If Greg had published "old school" on dead trees and stuff, he would need to subsequently retract his juvenile joke. It's as if he didn't have the "guts" to run the picture, but then he did and then he didn't.

Instead he got busted by someone else. FML, eh Greg?

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