Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Not Ready for Primetime Players, Paton Pending

Friday, April 2 found the four contenders for the Tea Bagger Republican nomination to oppose Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-8) on Arizona Illustrated, the local "socialized media" outlet of television.

Jonathan Paton, one of the 'Rightastic Four', seems to have acquired a convenient case of amnesia on war strategy and history, his supposed strong points. When asked by host Bill Buckmaster about our effort in Afghanistan, Paton blundered.

[starting at 18:52] JONATHAN PATON: "You can say what you want about the past President (Bush, apparently). He at least listened to the Generals that he talked to. The current President has not listened to what the General wanted."

I guess that's true. Bush listened to his Generals except for General Anthony Zinni. Oh and then there was General Eric Shinseki. But other than those very public examples Paton is good at horseshoes.

Let's be clear because Mr. Paton will not; on Friday evening Jonathan Paton endorsed  an open-ended commitment to the notoriously corrupt government of President Hamid Karzai. Additionally, Mr. Paton shamelessly pandered to the so-called tea party movements when he questioned the prerogative of President Barack Obama as Commander-in-Chief to set our nation's foreign policy during a time of war.

Mr. Paton's pander routine would be the most shameful in Arizona if it weren't for Sen. John McCain's self-immolation. Coincidentally, Mr. Paton has endorsed McCain for re-election against tea party favorite, JD Hayworth.

Maybe it's time for Paton to step out of McCain's shadow of desperation. May I suggest addressing the question "Do you support the effort to repeal the military policy known as Don't ask, don't tell?" I believe it should be debated in the Republican primary and I think Mr. Paton's Director of Communications, Daniel Scarpinato should write up Mr. Paton's debate notes. After all, having a Communication's Director who works the closet door like a Geisha works a fan might be the only way Paton can show McCain just how 'Mavericky' he really is.

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