Saturday, September 29, 2007

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Sometimes it is easy to think about blogging. Sometimes other people make actual blogging easy. A clever man over at Sonoran Alliance sharing his wisdom under the moniker "Oro Valley Dad" decided to turn the keys to his blog account over to his 13 year old son, apparently. That would account for the ever precious and adolescent snicker to a post entitled, "Will there also be an Office of Heterosexual Affairs?"

I have no factual information telling me OVD's son leans Republican, but only someone reacting to the pee-pee factor of LGBTQ news stories would be stupid enough to include the phrase office of heterosexual affairs in the headline of his piece. After all, not all Republican men cheat on their wives with other men. Senator Vitter, anyone? I also assume only a teenager would be so petrified of being identified with his topic of choice that he would insist in a comments reply that he doesn't personally spend much time focusing on homosexuality. I believe you Ovid, er, OVD. Just like I believed you when you distanced yourself from your post last year featuring the hot and half nude guys in an advertisement for an all gay cruise ship vacation. Oh, here's his work. It's short:

Your tax dollars at work. The University of Arizona is creating a new position for director of gay and lesbian affairs on campus. Just when I finally understand what LGBT means they go and add questioning. So now the correct term is LGBTQ (that is a mouthful, sorry bad choice of words.)

Maybe they could have a Director of Fornication to help inhibited straight people get past their antiquated views of human sexuality.

SA - Keeping you on the cutting edge of political correctness.

BTW, OVD, you do know the letters, don't you? L is for lesbian, G is gay. The B stands in for bisexual and you can cross your T for the transgendered. Q or questioning is the word used to describe people who aren't sure about their sexual orientation (young folks, mainly) or those who don't care to take on the burden of a moniker or label. Some people prefer queer and that starts with a Q as well. And you are right, it is a mouthful. Seriously. Think about it. A full mouth. Totally full of...stuff that's hard to deal with. Ah, screw it! Oh, and the dig about a director of fornication is hilarious! Wow! We are spending tax money for such an easy target. I guess that office would go by the initials, DL, as in downe low. People on the DL don't care for monikers or the burden of a more accurate label either.

But back to you, I mean to your piece of writing. Here is an article about just one of the concerns this joke of a LGBTQ office might work on:

Victimization related to suicidal behavior among college students

But dont' forget the punchline:

The impetus for the study was a question posed by a 15-year-old gay male with suicidal tendencies whom she counseled during an internship at the School of Psychology.

The student asked her: “Does it get better in college?”

The study, conducted in 2007, found that individuals who identified as heterosexual but also reported being attracted to same-sex individuals were three times more likely to plan suicide and six times more likely to have attempted suicide in the past year, when compared to heterosexuals.

Individuals who identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual were found to have been twice as likely as those who identify as heterosexual to have planned or attempted suicide.


“Sexual orientation can be a significant source of stress, especially if the environment you are in is not supportive,” he said. “Another example of significant stress is financial pressure. Anything that causes stress will make it more likely that students think about suicide. That’s one reason we have the Q Center and other resources to let students feel like they can be open about who they are.”

Dude, that's hilarious!

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